Trust Your Management Of Inventory To Sooner Logistics!

It can be difficult for some companies to manage their merchandise volumes in-house. At Sooner Logistics, we have the solution! You can entrust the Sooner Logistics team with your inventory management for your customers, suppliers, and partners…


Below, we give you:
5 good reasons to outsource your inventory management in order to focus on your activities.

1.     Outsource Inventory Management: Ideal For 

MRP = Material requirements planning

LCL = Less than container load


Maybe you lack space to store and keep your goods safe. Do you want to store your products close to your customers and suppliers? So why not entrust inventory management to a specialized company?

MRP, LCL, or E-Commerce merchants will need or distance selling, offering sales at the national or international level. We can take care of your goods for storage.

Sooner Logistics is a reference player for all types of sectors: mass distribution, industry, e-commerce, home sales, and traders… In addition, we assign you a single point of contact to follow up on your file and react quickly if necessary.

2.     You have the possibility to store a large volume of goods

Based in Moorpark and Simi Valley, we have at our disposal a warehouse of 150,000 sq. ft., which allows us to keep a large volume of goods for you.

You can entrust us with the management of stocks packaged on pallets, in boxes, in parcels, by the unit…

You also have the possibility to privatize a space just for your goods. Use our Sooner Logistics – 3rd Party warehouse to store any of your large volume goods in California.

3.     Your goods are stored safely

Accessible every day, 24/24, our warehouse is secured thanks to a surveillance and guarding system.

We also have a sprinkler fire protection system. It is an extinguishing system that is triggered automatically in the event of a disaster.

4.     You keep control over the stocks you entrust

Entrusting inventory management to Sooner Logistics | also means keeping control of all your stored goods.

Indeed, our goods tracking system allows you to keep perfect control over your stocks, but not only! Such a system gives you the advantage of avoiding under or over-storage worries. As a result, you can know the remaining volume in time while remote.

5.     You can have your goods forwarded wherever you want, whenever you want

Do you no longer want to store your goods in California Logistics Warehouse | also takes care of shipping your stocks wherever you want in the USA. Present in the sector for over 40 years, we ensure for you the transport of your goods by groupage, in cities, with onboard trolleys, and more.