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Registering as a freelancer in Manchester in just a few hours is possible

We want to help all those who wish to register as self-employed in Manchester, without major headaches and with all the guarantees.

Any failure to register as a freelancer can lead to penalties or tax problems. This is easy to avoid, when you consult with professionals. Throughout our history, we have registered dozens of clients, people like you, who one day wanted to start their activity in Manchester.

Do not make any mistakes at the time of registration, it will leave you free of worries to approach your professional project with total concentration on what matters. We are going to take care of everything, so that you do not have to be pressured by other needs unrelated to your professional performance.

We know your need: you want to start billing your customers right away. We get you started!

When is it mandatory to register as self-employed?

For usual activities. That is:

  • If it is not a sporadic activity
  • If you have an establishment open to the public
  • If it is your only activity

If you reach the minimum inter-professional salary even if it happened in an isolated month.